Maria Luminița SCUTARU

Professor habil Ph.D. Eng
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Str. Politehnicii nr.1, Brașov, Romania
Buliding N, Room NP1
Tel./Fax: +40 268 418992


Research interests:

  • Dynamics systems
  • Multibody systems
  • Analitycal mechanics
  • Innovative materials
  • Nanotubes


Publications (selection):

  • Kumar R., Singh S., Bilga P.S, Singh J, Scutaru M.L., Pruncu C.I - Revealing the benefits of entropy weights method for multi-objective optimization in machining operations: A critical review, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY-JMR&T, 2021, FI=5,363
  • Vibration Response of a Concrete Structure with Repetitive Parts Used in Civil Engineering, Mathematics 2021, FI=2,165
  • Gheorghe V., Scutaru M.L., Ungureanu VB., Chircan E., Ulea M -New Design of Composite Composite Structures Used in Automotive Engineering, Symmetry Basel, 2020, FI=2,612
  • Bencze A., Scutaru M.L., Marin M., Vlase S., Toderita A. – Adder Box Used in a Heavy Tracks Transmissions Noise Reduction, Symmetry Basel, 2020, FI=2,612
  • Montassir S., Moustabchir H., Elkhalfi A., Scutaru M.L., Vlase S., - Fracture Modelling of a Cracked Pressurized Cylindrical Structure by Using Extended Iso-Geometric Analisys (X-IGA), Mathematics 2021, FI=2,165