Professor habil Ph.D. Eng. Math.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Politehnicii 1, Brașov, România
Building N, room NP1
Tel: +40 268 418992


Research interests:

  • Dynamics systems
  • Multibody systems
  • Analitycal Mechanics
  • Composite Materials


Publications (selection)

  • Montassir S., Moustabchir H., Elkhalfi A., Scutaru M.L., Vlase S., - Fracture Modelling of a Cracked Pressurized Cylindrical Structure by Using Extended Iso-Geometric Analisys (X-IGA), Mathematics 2021, FI=2,165
  • Vlase S., Marin M.- Finite Element Method-Based Dynamic Response of Micropolar Polymers with Voids, Polymers 2021, FI=4,329
  • Itu C., Vlase S., Marin M., Toderita A. - Use of the Symmetries in the Study of Vibration Response of a Hollow Cylinder, Symmetry-Basel 2021, FI=2,713
  • Marin M., Vlase S., Fudulu I., Precup G - Effect of Voids and Internal State Variables in Elasticity of Porous Bodies with Dipolar Structure, Mathematics 2021, FI=2,258
  • Fazakas – Anca IS., Modrea A., Vlase S - Determination of Reactivity Ratios from Binary Copolymerization Using the k-Nearest Neighbor Non-Parametric Regression, Polymers 2021, FI=4,329