Anca Roxana BULARCA

Department of Law
Faculty of Law


Eroilor 25, Brașov, Romania
Building T, Room TI16
Phone/Fax: +372.902.454


Research interests:

  • Civil Law - Civil Obligations: Contract - source of obligations - negotiation - form of conclusion of the contract
  • Civil law - Civil obligations: rules specific to professionals - Independence of the commercial law as a branch of law, in relation to the unitary regulation of legal relations in civil law
  • Civil law - Liability and contractual liabilityCivil law - The source of the obligations, the execution of the obligations, the circulation of the obligations and the extinction of the obligations
  • Civil Law - Guarantee of Obligations
  • Insolvency law - Insolvency - interdisciplinary institution - economic, legal, social; an institution of maximum current interest at EU and international level; to deepen the principles behind the application of the procedure from the point of view of the second chance of the honest debtor; cross-border insolvency

Publications (selection):

  • Adam, A.R. (2016). Insolvency procedure, Principles. Subjects, Organs. Running the procedure. Bucharest: C.H. Beck Publishing House.
  • Adam, A.R., & Adam, I. (2016). Civil Code, V-card. about obligations. Titles I to VIII (Articles 1164-1649). Comments and explanations. Bucharest: C. H. Beck Publishing House.
  • Adam, I. & Adam, A. R. (2016). Insolvency Code, Title II. Insolvency Procedure (Articles 1-5, 38-196, 197-203). Bucharest: C. H. Beck Publishing House.
  • Adam, A.R. (2017). Civil law. General Theory of Obligations. Bucharest: C. H. Beck Publishing House.