Department of Law
Faculty of Law


Eroilor 25, Brașov, Romania
Building T, Room TI16
Phone/Fax: +372.902.454


Research interests:

  • European Union constitutional law
  • administrative law
  • labor law


Publications (selection):

  • Manea, L., (2020), The responsibility of teachers for deviations from professional ethics in the regulation of Law No. 1/2011. Practical aspects, Buletinul Universității Transilvania din Brașov, Series VII: Social Sciences, Law, Vol. 13 (62), 2020.
  • Manea, L., Epuran, Ghe., (2015), Food Safety - A Constitutive Element of Sectoral Community Policy , In Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brașov, No.2/2015, ISSN 2066-7701 (Print), ISSN 2066-771X (CD-ROM).
  • Manea, L., Epuran, Ghe., (2015), Exploratory research regarding the influence oftv spots on childrens behavior, Conferința GIDNI Târgu Mureş Nr.2/ 2015
  • Manea, L., (2015), The label of organic products - means of promoting. European and national regulatory framework , Conferința Neefood Universitatea Transilvania Brașov, iunie 2015
  • Manea, L., (2016), The european legislation on food sales and the strategies of local producers to promote food sale, Conferința GIDNI Târgu Mureş Nr.3/ 2016