Associate professor
Department of Law
Faculty of Law


Eroilor 25, Brașov, Romania
Building T, Room TI16
Phone/Fax: +372.902.454


Research interests:

  • Civil Law – General Part
  • Civil Law – Persons
  • History of Romanian Law
  • The rights of personality


Publications (selection):

  • Prescure, T., & Matefi ., R.(2012). Drept civil. Partea generală. Persoanele. [Civil law. General Part. Persons]. Bucharest: Hamangiu Publishing House.
  • Matefi, R. (2015). Sinteze și aplicații de drept civil. Partea generală. [Syntheses and applications of civil law. The general part]. Bucharest: Hamangiu Publishing House.
  • Matefi, R. (2017). Teoria actului juridic civil [The theory of civil legal act].Bucharest:Hamangiu Publishing House.
  • Murzea, C., &Matefi, R. (2015). Evoluția statului și dreptului românesc [Evolution of Romanian state and law].Bucharest:: Hamangiu Publishing House.