Department of Law
Faculty of Law


Eroilor 25, Brașov, Romania
Building T, Room TI16
Phone/Fax: +372.902.454
E-mail: oana.saramet@unitbv.ro


Research interests:

  • environmental protection and sustainable development
  • consumer protection law
  • contravention liability
  • ethics and university deontology


Publications (selection):

  • Șaramet, O. (2017). Some considerations on the right to health - one of man’s fundamental rights. In Conference Paper – Supplement of Valahia University of Law Study, International Conference “Knowledge – Based Society – Norms, values, and contemporary landmarks”, 13 edition, 2-3 June 2017, Valahia University of Târgovişte.
  • Șaramet, O. (2020). Public Interest: Challenges and Possibilities in Identifying the Content of this Notion, in Current Issues in Administrative Law, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Șaramet, O. (2020). The right to protection to health or the right to health? – constitutional approaches, in A Journal of Social and Legal Studies, vol. VII (LXXI) Issue 1.
  • Șaramet, O. (2019). Theoretical and practical aspects regarding good governance, in Valahia University Law Study.
  • Șaramet, O. (2019). The Motivation of Public Administration Authority Acts - A Dimension of the Right to be Informed, in Jus et Civitas – A Journal of Social and Legal Studies, vol. VI (LXX) Issue 1.
  • Șaramet, O. (2019). The right to good administration – is the constitutional regulation necessary?, in Law Review, Special issue, Decembre 2019.
  • Șaramet, O. (2016). Juridical dimension of freedom religious beliefs. VALAHIA UNIVERSITY LAW STUDY; 1584-4056.
  • Șaramet, O. (2015). The institutional balance - basic principle of the European Union's institutional system. In Romanian Journal of European Law – Supliment - International Conference "Current Issues in the EU's Political and Juridical Area", 2nd edition, 30 Octobre 2015, Bucharest, Wolters Kluver Publishing House.