Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration

The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration is the largest faculty of Transilvania University. The diverse offer of study programs for all academic levels correlates with the dynamics of the work environment.


  • Marketing – full-time study /distance learning
  • Economics of Trade, Tourism and Services – full-time study /distance learning
  • Business Administration (EN)
  • Management – full-time study /distance learning
  • International Business – full-time study /distance learning
  • Finance and Banking – full-time study /distance learning
  • Accounting and Management Informatics – full-time study /distance learning
  • Economic Informatics


  • Marketing Policies and Strategies
  • Business Administration in Tourism
  • Management and Business Strategies
  • International Business
  • Financial and Banking Management
  • Accounting Policies, Audit and Management Control
  • Integrated Business Information Systems
  • Internal Audit
  • Business Administration

Doctoral degree in the field of Marketing