We are concerned about the health of our students, academic teaching personnel and administrative staff, but also of our collaborators; therefore, we have taken the required measures for limiting the spread of COVID-19.

We are in contact with the authorities responsible for preventing the spread of COVID-19, but also with the academic community members, and all decisions taken shall be made public.

According to the Senate decision no. 24 of 15.09.2021 available HERE, starting with 1 October 2021, the courses, seminars, laboratories, practical works and projects will take place with all students physical attendance to all didactic activities within the higher education institution, according to their schedule, in compliance with and under enforcement of all protection rules. 

Coordinator of SARS-CoV-2 infection prevention activities at institutional level: Prof. Dr. Liliana Rogozea – Vice-Rector for Public relations

Should you face a situation for which you cannot find an answer on this page, please contact your faculty’s COVID-19 infection prevention and monitoring officer (The list of the officers for the prevention and monitoring of COVID-19 infection per faculty can be found HERE).

Frequently Asked Questions

The courses, seminars, laboratories, practical works and projects are conducted with the students’ physical attendance at all teaching activities, according to their timetable and in compliance with and subject to the application of all protection rules. We recommend wearing a face mask in enclosed spaces, public transportation, and crowded open spaces.

You shall remain isolated at home and notify over the phone your general physician; or, if you are accommodated in a student dormitory, you shall notify the doctor at the Student Health Centre and the officer for the management of COVID-19 situations within your faculty. (See the list of officers for each faculty).

If you physically attended didactic activities and came into contact with other colleagues, you will be informed later on the measures to be taken.

If you have come in contact with a person tested positive, you shall notify the general physician / the doctor at the Student Health Centre and the officer for the management of COVID-19 situations within your faculty.

If you are a student and live in the dormitory, you shall notify the dormitory administrator. The doctors will decide if you need to be isolated.

The teacher shall remain isolated at home. The specialists of the Public Health Directorate will establish whether other epidemiological measures should be taken.

If symptoms appear, you need to get tested, go to the general physician, to the Centres for Assessment and Treatment or to the Emergency Units in order to receive the appropriate medication. Do not take medication without your doctor’s advice!

The sports classes will take place both in open spaces and in gyms, according to the timetable.

Yes, you can enjoy meals both in the university canteens and in the “to go” mode. The food will be served in disposable packaging purchased only from the university canteen. In the dining rooms, the access and serving intervals will be organized so as to avoid congestion.

You may go to the library whenever you want, during the opening hours. We periodically ventilate the reading room and regularly disinfect the surfaces and objects frequently touched by the library users. We kindly ask you as well to take appropriate action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We recommend not coming, if experiencing symptoms of respiratory disease, and disinfecting your hands at the entrance. We recommend wearing a protective mask indoors.

The faculty secretariat works normally, according to the opening hours displayed by each faculty. To avoid congestion, we recommend making appointments by email or over the phone. Appointments are made according on a “first-come, first-served" basis and with the observance of a maximum number of students per day. You must use the institutional email address(

You can pay by bank transfer, via the intranet or the mobile application(student@UniTBv).More details on how to pay various fees are availableHERE

You can return to the faculty as soon as you have recovered from COVID-19. To motivate absences, you need to send a medical certificate to the faculty secretary.