The Brașov public transportation network is very extensive and services run late into the night; specialized all-night services are also available.


Tickets can be bought at specialized RATBv kiosks or from newsagents, but remember to punch them in the bus. Even though there are no ticket gates when entering the vehicles, it’s advisable to have a valid ticket because ticket inspections are frequent. When someone requests your ticket, always ask them to present a job ID.


One bus/trolley bus 2-ways ticket: 5 lei.


For travel pass fare and any additional information please go to

Health Insurance

We strongly recommend that you get health insurance to cover your study period in Romania. For students from EU member states, medical care in Romania is provided based on the European Health Insurance Card. If you are a non-EU national, you should inquire whether there is a bilateral agreement on health care between Romania and your country.

If you find yourself in need of medical assistance, you can go to any authorized medical unit, public or private. Some private health insurance companies will refer you to a specific clinic or hospital that they have a contract with. Ask your insurance company to give you the list of all medical units they work with.

Medical Insurance will be paid in each applicant’s native/sending country. In Romania, emergencies are free of charge.