Why study in Brașov

Because Brașov it’s a fairy-tale city

We are not the only ones to say it, but also the millions of tourists coming every year to visit Brașov. The charm of the city spellbinds you in no time, and the potential for economic development determines you to make it your home. Natural and architectural landscapes are added benefits. In winter, Poiana Brașov,the largest ski resort in the country, will definitely become your favourite haven. 

A recent World Bank study describes Brașov as a “world-class city”, with a developed economy, an attractive architecture and a high quality of life. 


The newest areas of the constantly expanding city are both residential and industrial, as well as leisure spaces.

poza primarie ski

Not far from the city, only 12 kilometers away, is the largest ski resort in Romania, Poiana Brașov and, about 30 kilometers away is the Bran Castel, commonly associated with the legend of Dracula.


All this, along with the friendliness of the people living here, have turned Brașov into one of the country’s main tourist cities.