Why study @ UNITBV

Diversity in education

Transilvania University of Brașov has about 20,000 students enrolled in the bachelor’s degree programmes and master's degree programmes that are available in its 18 faculties, covering all fundamental domains, such as engineering sciences, exact sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, medicine, physical education and sports.


Interdisciplinary research

Transilvania University of Brașov is the only university in Romania which has built its own pluridisciplinary research institute. At the time of its completion, in 2013, the university’s Research and Development Institute was the most substantial financial investment in infrastructure carried out by a Romanian university using European funds.

The 12 buildings of the Institute host modern research infrastructure and benefit from high energy autonomy. It comprises 30 research centres in well-established and emerging fields with high innovative potential. Through its research projects, Transilvania University of Brașov aims at becoming a strategic partner for companies and a pole of excellence in national and international academic cooperation.



International students

The university has academic partnerships with 80 countries all over the world. Every year, hundreds of students from our university have the chance to experience academic life abroad for 6 months or even a full year. Our university’s academic offer, especially the English-taught programs – Business Administration, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Philology and Cultural Studies – and the German-taught programme in Applied Computer Science, attract hundreds of international students every year.

The international students are offered intensive classes in the Romanian language designed so as to enable their linguistic and cultural integration into the Romanian society.

The Preparatory Year in Romanian as a foreign language grants international students access to all the Romanian-taught programmes offered by our university.


UNITBV supports performance

The university has designed special programmes to award and endorse its students, researchers and professors.

Students with outstanding academic performances or with active community involvement are awarded special scholarships: The Excellence Scholarship of Transilvania University of Brasov, a 2500 lei scholarship, and The Internship Student-Campus Scholarship.

The university awards and stimulates our students who are former high school valedictorians, our BA programmes’ valedictorians and the students with remarkable academic performances, as well as those faced with financial difficulties.

Transilvania Academica Scholarship is a scholarship awarded to international students coming from EU third countries who have had outstanding academic results in one of our university’s fields of study and who want to become our students. The scholarship covers full tuition costs and basic living expenses.



UNITBV in the community. Partnerships with companies

Relying on our strong relationship with institutions from various fields, our students can participate in training and internship programmes.

Several bachelor's and master's degree programmes have emerged from the cooperation with big companies from the automotive and aeronautics industries. The curricula of these study programmes have been designed with the help of specialists from these companies.

Every year, as part of the AFCO conference, the university facilitates meetings between students and companies’ representatives. The best graduation papers are awarded prizes and their authors stand real chances of being noticed by prospective employers.

The Companies’ Podium is the meeting place of specialists from various professional areas with students, researchers and professors, a space created in cooperation with the university’s main partners from the economic environment. It provides opportunities for projects and joint activities (BA projects, research projects, practice stage and internship programmes, educational activities, private scholarships, competitions for students), but it also informs about job offers in the partner companies.


UNITBV in the community. Social responsibility 

The university runs programmes meant to contribute to the stimulation and intellectual development of school and high school students in Brașov. Dedicated professors from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science train young mathematicians for renowned competitions. At the same faculty, as well as at Faculty of Letters, interactive training lessons are offered every year to prepare students for the most important sections of the Baccalaureate exam: Romanian language and literature and Mathematics.

Students of the Faculty of Letters are involved, together with an NGO, in a programme designed to reduce school dropout amongst the children of the Roma community in Gîrcini, Săcele, where they run a weekly after-school programme.

Students coming from foster homes and placement centres are fully financed for their studies by the university. A special scholarship is dedicated to students coming from the St. Joseph foster home in Odorheiu Secuiesc.


Active student life

Beyond channeling our resources for academic excellence, student life has a cultural and sports dimension, it implies involvement in the community’s activities through volunteering as well as competitiveness. The university organises regular sports competitions among the faculties and national competitions. 


Modern campus 

The university’s multiple facilities include 10 buildings which are either centrally located or on the Colina Hill campus, where half of the 18 faculties are headquartered.

The University’s two campuses, Memorandului and Colina, offer over 4,000 accommodation places în 13 student hostels.

Colina Arena, the synthetic sports field on the Colina Campus has a surface of 1,000 square meters and is equipped with floodlights.

The university’s four sports halls are suitable for training and competitions in sports such as: basketball, handball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and gymnastics.

At Colina Club, the students can play pool billiards, table tennis or spend relaxing time on the terrace.