Contracts with companies

Contracts with companies and other institutions 2022 


Study regarding the establishment of fuel consumption and of time and production norms in the wood collection activity, as a result of the modernization of the equipment park of the overhead units
  • Client: Regia Nationala a Padurilor - ROMSILVA
  • Contract coordinator: Borz Stelian Alexandru
  • Contract no.4522/14.05.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2022
A comparative study to estimate the accuracy of some wood measurement systems: TimSpect-Cind, Microtec and scanning by GeoSLAM technology
  • Contract coordinator: Borz Stelian Alexandru
  • Contract no.: 428/13.01.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Dendrological study of Vulcan Municipality Park
  • Client: SC RONO AQUA SRL Oradea
  • Contract coordinator: Ciocirlan Elena
  • Contract no.14559/27.10.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022
Improving the productive and adaptation potential of spruce forests by promoting valuable origins, ideotype trees, as well as by increasing the number of genetically enhanced seed sources (Vegetative multiplication by grafting the narrow-crowned spruce)
  • Client: INCDS “Marin Dracea” Brasov Management Unit
  • Contract coordinator: Ciocirlan Elena
  • Contract no.: 2959/09.03.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Development of geneticmarkers for the analisys of adaptation of beech and oak to drought stress
  • Client: Universitatea de Stiinte Aplicate si Arte (HAWK) Goettingen
  • Contract coordinator: Ciocirlan Elena
  • Contract no.16365/16.11.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022
Research on the application of disruptive technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing
  • Contract coordinator: Florescu  Adriana
  • Contract no.14731/16.12.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2022
Manipulated Infrastructure Detection System (MIDS)
  • Client: Elektrobit Automotive Romania
  • Contract coordinator: Grigorescu Sorin-Mihai
  • Contract no.2006/18.02.2022     
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Habitat and plant species monitoring within SaveGREEN project
  • Client: Zarand Association
  • Contract coordinator:  Indreica Adrian
  • Contract no.: 2118/22.02.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Environmental impact assessment study, generated by the establishment of “Black Valley” feathered game farm (pheasants and partridges)
  • Client: Black Valley Game Farm SRL
  • Contract coordinator: Ionescu Ovidiu
  • Contract no.: 2559/01.03.2022     
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Diversifying the product range by developing new types of pasta - dietary products
  • Contract coordinator: Lupu  Mirabela Ioana
  • Contract no.2647/12.03.2019              
  • Implementation Period: 2019-2022
Research for the implementation of the integrated quality management system - social responsibility - Good Manufacturing Practice (GP) in order to obtain the SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification and to meet the specific requirements of the COSTCO client
  • Client: Bialetti Stainless Steel SRL
  • Contract coordinatorMihail Laurentiu-Aurel
  • Contract no.: 5554/21.05.2120
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022


Consultancy for applying the works of stand enhancement and forestry guide issuance for the forests owned by SC Tornator SRL
  • Client: SC Tornator SRL
  • Contract coordinator: Nicolescu Valeriu Norocel
  • Contract no.: 651/19.01.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Streamlining the process of specific sports training for the women's basketball team of the ACS Ralph club
  • ClientAsociatia Club Sportiv Ralph
  • Contract coordinatorOancea Bogdan
  • Contract no.2494/02.03.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2023
Theoretical and experimental research on the creation and testing of food networks, in order to develop the database of culinary recipes
  • Client: SC VISUAL FAN SA
  • Contract coordinator: Padureanu Vasile
  • Contract no.: 2343/25.02.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022-2024
Chemical analyses and microhardness
  • ClientSC ARA SRL
  • Contract coordinatorPop Mihai Alin
  • Contract no.: 3938/08.04.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022
Steel sample - analysis report
  • Client: Joyson Quin Automotive Systems Romania SRL
  • Contract coordinatorPop Mihai Alin
  • Contract no.: 1489/08.02.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Technical study of steel framing
  • Client: SENSUS SRL
  • Contract coordinatorPop Mihai Alin
  • Contract no.: 1490/08.02.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Technology Consultacy Agreement Developing Romanian Forest Policy
  • Client: IKEA Supply AG
  • Contract coordinator: Popa Bogdan
  • Contract no.5502/1/20.05.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022
Research services for the elaboration of the Independent Study and of the National Forest Strategy 2020-2030, an obligation established by the National Recovery and Resilience Programme
  • Client: Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests
  • Contract coordinator: Popa Bogdan
  • Contract no.: 2515/01.03.2022 (23/28.02.2022)
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Technical consultancy regarding the contract no. 4451/48/2019 - Acquisition of works execution (technical project + execution details project + technical assistance for design+execution), within the project Modernization, equipment and energy efficiency of the Ug + Gf + 7 + At building and extension body (connection), existing between the new building and the old building of the Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology "Dr. AI Sbarcea" Brasov - SMIS code 110264
  • Client: Județul Brașov
  • Contract coordinator: Tuns Ioan 
  • Contract no.881/27.01.2020
  • Implementation Period: 2020-2022


Study for the realization of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Nadlac town
  • Contract coordinator: Tarulescu Stelian
  • Contract no.: 3680/24.03.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
External expertise services testing, analysis and technical consultancy within “Thematic Trail Trigger - Three T” Project
  • Client: Judetul Brasov
  • Contract coordinator: Tarulescu Stelian
  • Contract no.: 14979/01.11.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022


Study on the implementation of the Climate and Energy Action Plan
  • Client: ABMEE Association
  • Contract coordinator: Tarulescu Stelian
  • Contract no.: 1181/01.02.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022
Research on testing with advanced methods of digital systems
  • Client: SC Arc SRL Brasov
  • Contract coordinatorUrsutiu Doru
  • Contract no.: 9690/06.08.2021
  • Implementation Period: 2021-2022
Studies and research on the feasibility of implementing an “Energy Harvesting” (EH) system with a view to powering sensors for smart building equipment
  • Client: SC Steinel Electronic SRL
  • Contract coordinator: Ursutiu Doru/Samoila Cornel
  • Contract no.: 3266/15.03.2022
  • Implementation Period: 2022