Language and Dialogue from an Intercultural Perspective

15-17 September 2022

Between 15 and 17 September, the Faculty of Letters organizes the seventh edition of the International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics “Structure, Use and Meaning (SUM)”. This year’s conference theme is Language and Dialogue from an Intercultural Perspective. 

“Dialogue” is a familiar concept in the field of intercultural communication, with a great potential for development and exploration in terms of theoretical resources and forms of practice. Dialogue has been mostly seen as a “social practice”, constructed and enlivened by users in a variety of contexts. In turbulent times, a dialogical approach may equate with initiating and facilitating negotiations between conflicting groups and mobilizing them towards a common goal (Gao 2017). For example, Holliday (2013) challenges the old frame of cultural perception (us vs. them, self vs. other, the East vs. the West, etc.), suggesting that research in this area should focus on the identification and acknowledgment of common themes that operate across group boundaries. This approach could also be used to analyze other aspects, such as teacher-student relationship, or to promote dialogical learning. Thus, intercultural dialogues must not be restricted to interethnic levels (Gao 2017), since they can also take the form of a dialogue between different communities, real or virtual, a dialogue between different fields of practice, or even a dialogue between different voices of the same individual.

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