Ethical Values in Nowadays Society - VESA 2023

4-6 May 2023 

 In the current international socio-economic context, Sustainable Development, through its pillars, can be the generator of a new paradigm of ethical approach in education, economy and inclusive governance from the perspective of a new diplomacy - Sustainable Development Diplomacy.

The Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce in Romania (UCCBR), as the promoter of the system of bilateral chambers of Sustainable Development Diplomacy, together with the Center for Legal and Diplomatic Studies of Transilvania University in Brașov, will generate discussions from the ethical perspective of the new diplomacy.

Quality education - an object of the social pillar - is, once again, the main subject of the conference, including an ethical perspective. Aiming at a sustainable development approach to education and research in higher education, ethics requires inter-institutional connections, both at the national level, through the national advisory councils - the Council of Ethics and University Management (CEMU) and the National Council of Ethics for Scientific Research, Technological Development and Innovation (CNECSTDI), as well as at the level of higher education institutions through university ethics commissions.

 The new diplomacy and the achievement of sustainable development goals require the involvement of civil society and the business environment, as well as the balance of actions of state and non-state actors. Thus, the ethics and deontology of the liberal professions (doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, notaries, architects, evaluators, auditors, consultants, experts), as well as that of the administration complete the table of discussions within the three pillars of sustainable development.

The organizers of the conference propose that in this context, through an interdisciplinary scientific approach, the debates and research on ethics facilitate the exchange of ideas and interinstitutional good practices between the participants. Through the workshops dedicated to (i) specific problems of university ethics commissions and (ii) challenges in the context of Sustainable Development Diplomacy, we want to identify practical, viable solutions, including from a legislative perspective.

The partnership with ProUniversitaria and Universul Juridic ensures the dissemination of scientific research, the publication of articles in the Ethics and Deontology journal, which is in its third year of publication.

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