Call for UNITA Starting Grants


The UNITA Alliance aims to contribute to the educational, scientific and cultural progress of the regions of the countries participating in UNITA, promoting sustainable development, strengthening local innovation ecosystems supporting the transition to a knowledge-based economy, while promoting and accelerating European integration within and beyond the territories.

The Universities of the Alliance support the creation of translational thematic and interdisciplinary research groups, through matching events on research in different scientific topics and grants attributed to the projects developed among the partner Universities.

The UNITA Starting Grants on Research aim to accelerate the development of inter-university groups of educators, researchers and innovators who share a common interest in a field of knowledge and wish to develop it through the exchange of good practices and the launch of joint projects.

The projects must be submitted by teachers or researchers from at least three different university partners of the UNITA Alliance and should include postdoctoral and doctoral students in the working group.

Download the calls here:
Call UNITA Starting Grants - Tourism and cultural heritage in a digital world (pdf)
Call UNITA Starting Grants - Renewable energy mixes and materials for a more sustainable world (pdf)

Links to the application:

The call for starting grants on is open until Wednesday May 8th, 2024 

The duration of a project is up to 12 months. Multidisciplinary projects are particularly welcome. The projects must be submitted by teaching staff or researchers from at least three different university partners of the UNITA Alliance, and should include in the working group postdocs and PhD candidates.

Timetable for the first call: 
Launch of the call:  08th of April 2024
Deadline for submission: 08th of May 2024 - midnight (CET)
Result notification: June 2024
Latest project start date: 30th of September 2024
Project duration: 12 Months
Reporting due: 30th of October 2025