International Conference Ethical Values in Nowadays Society

16-18 May 2024

„From the point of view of the law, a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. From the point of view of ethics is guilty when he only thinks of doing so (Immanuel Kant)”. In the context of the millennium III, legal entities, whether public or private, are also subject to the same aphorism. The importance of ethics is not restricted to the individual but also extends to institutional ethical behavior, which is manifested in decision-making processes and the acceptance of institutional policies that establish ethical norms by the community.

As concluded in previous editions, the role of ethics in education occupies an important place, starting from the level of members of academic communities and ending with that of institutional policy. The legislator himself, on the occasion of the reformation in 2023 of the HEIs legislation, paid special attention to the development of the texts of the law, in a new vision of optimizing the ethical responsibilities, by proposing an integrative sphere, by connecting personal ethics to institutional ethics and ethics in the educational process to research ethics.

Quality education – which also means compliance with the norms of ethics in higher education institutions - is again the main topic of the conference. This edition includes, as a topic, in addition to personal and professional ethics, the debate on aspects of institutional ethics.

We will have the pleasure and privilege of having close connections with actors in the field of IEI ethics at both the central and university levels, through representatives of the advisory ministerial councils,  University Ethics Committees, legal advisers, and specialists in the field.

The organizers of the conference are committed to facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices among participants by adopting an interdisciplinary scientific approach, debates, and ethics research. Workshops focused on (i) the specific issues of university ethics committees and (ii) professional and institutional ethics are being held to identify practical and viable solutions, including the implications of new legislative changes.

The publication and dissemination of the articles is carried out through the Ethics and Deontology journal and through the partnership with the ProUniversitaria and the Legal Universe publishers.

The conference will be hosted by Transilvania University of Brasov, between 16-18 May 2024.

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