Structure of studies

3-year full-time and part-time doctoral studies (Medicine: 4 years)

Structure of the doctoral programme:
• Advanced University Training Programme (PPUA): 1 year (2 semesters):
- First semester: teaching activities and individual study (14 weeks); Check the content of the teaching activities HERE.
- Second semester: individual study; specialized exams (14 weeks);

Exam sessions:
- Winter session (1st semester disciplines) - 4 weeks: January-February 2023
- Open session 2nd semester (specialized exams): 01.03.-31.07.2023
- Retake session - 3 weeks: September 2023

• Scientific Research Programme (PCS): 2 years
- Individual study; preparation and defence of the 2/3 research reports;

• Completion and public defence of the doctoral thesis.

Upon meeting the requirements related to the first and second semesters, the doctoral students are granted 60 credits (30 credits per semester). The total number of credits for the doctoral programme is 180 (Medicine: 240).
The duration of the doctoral study programmes is 3 years (Medicine: 4 years), with extension possibility by 1-2 years according to the law.

After PPUA, first semester, all the stages are conducted according to the National Education Law no. 1/5 January 2011, GD no. 681/29 June 2011 and the Institutional Regulation for organising and conducting doctoral and postdoctoral studies at Transilvania University of Brașov and the Regulations of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School.

Guidelines for writing the doctoral thesis

Template thesis

Template summary

Statement concerning the options of the graduate doctoral student for the publication of the doctoral thesis