Information for Ukrainian refugees

For all the Ukrainian refugees who want to continue their studies and transfer the credits to Transilvania University of Brașov:

the transfer can be approved under the following conditions: 

1. The study program you have followed can be found among the programs we offer; please check the list here:

2. You can demonstrate that you have good language skills in the study program’s language of instruction (either by submitting a language proficiency certificate or by passing an online test organized by UniTBv);

Still, if the study program that you wish to transfer to is conducted only in Romanian, we can offer you the possibility to take an intensive course in Romanian language, in order to obtain a B1 certificate, which may allow you to enrol to that program, starting the academic year 2022-2023.

3. If you are a student enrolled in a Ukrainian university, but not a Ukrainian citizen, please note that you can only apply as a tax paying student. See here the fees applicable for non-EU candidates:

Under these circumstances, if your application satisfies the above requirements, in order to start the procedures for obtaining the letter of acceptance for studies in Romania, please send the attached application form to, together with the scanned copies of the documents listed there.

If you are currently unable to submit the documents listed in section V.5 of the application form, please note that an assessment of your prior knowledge will be required. The evaluation will be carried out by a committee of the program you want to enrol in.